Customer Success Story

SD-WAN makes cash registers ring sooner, faster for national retailer

—Many might argue that there’s no industry better suited for SD-WAN than retail. It would be a hard to point argue, except for one minor detail—it’s pretty much perfect for all industries. What IT organization wouldn’t want simple, zero-touch deployment, seamless, near-immediate branch connectivity, and an architecture that is transport-independent?

Old technology can’t keep up with new, rapid expansion

A national retailer, with over a thousand locations, was expanding, adding a new location every 3-6 months. With each store opening comes deadlines, inventory concerns, advertising, PR and hiring requirements. It also comes with an integral piece of the puzzle that, if left as an afterthought, could cripple the opening—store connectivity.

Legacy network can’t keep up, even though that’s where their LAN costs were going

The client’s MPLS network was expensive, unwieldy, hard to manage, and new circuits and upgrades to existing ones was not only time consuming, but provisioning dates were often missed—all things that SD-WAN can, and ultimately did, alleviate for the customer. Their MPLS circuits were not only expensive, but they required hefty operational costs to manage.

Then they met GDT

The client had never utilized GDT, but would soon discover why its solutions architects, engineers and project managers are considered the very best the industry has to offer. GDT’s SD-WAN experts designed and deployed what they have for dozens of SD-WAN customers—a solution that delivered exactly what was needed, and then some.

Aside from considerably lower hard and soft costs, the client soon enjoyed SD-WAN benefits related to:

Traffic differentiation and handling

With SD-WAN, each retail location could handle certain types of traffic—payment systems, guest wi-fi and voice—differently and accommodate specific SLA requirements for each.

Centralized Management

SD-WAN provided the client with centralized management, policy enforcement, troubleshooting, reporting and visibility.

Simple Provisioning

With MPLS, the client had to deploy an engineer from its IT staff to install, configure and test equipment for the opening of each new retail location. Now, with SD-WAN, virtually any employee can connect the internet connection to each small, inexpensive SD-WAN device, and policies are automatically pushed out to each location. Installations took mere minutes.


GDT’s SD-WAN solution allows the client’s IT staff to save considerable time they had been spending on distributing, managing and monitoring security keys. Now, all devices and endpoints are authenticated with key-exchange functionality and software-defined security, and end-to-end encryption is provided across their enterprise network and the Internet.

As a result of the client’s selection of GDT to implement its new SD-WAN architecture, they’ve turned to its engineering experts for additional projects that will help grow their business, enhance sales and expand margins.

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