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Keeping up With Increasing Demand in a Digital Society

As a tech-driven society, we rely heavily on the ability to send and receive data almost instantaneously.  Most consumers don’t realize that behind this ability is a global web of networks that are interconnected through multiple levels, making communication of information possible while using the internet.  Juniper makes this communication possible through their unique IP transport technology using two different solutions: 400G Network Scalability and 5G/Cloud Metro.


It is more important than ever for companies to be able to fulfill the increasing demand for improved performance because of the exponential increase in the number of applications and technology services.  Juniper’s 400G routing and switching portfolio offers the industry’s most high-performing and elaborate platforms uniquely designed to improve customer experience.  Each of the products in Juniper’s portfolio offer customers a customized product with hyperscale performance, flexible licensing options that are optimized for each client and don’t require payment for unused features, and are designed to scale with a user’s network.


Online metro networks, where cloud and customer experiences converge, are expected to face traffic growth of over 500 percent by 2027.  Paired with expanding security threats and labor shortages, companies are struggling to keep up.  Juniper Cloud Metro solutions are AI-enabled, cloud-delivered, and integrated with active assurance monitoring and zero trust security.  Using adaptive power innovation, Juniper is able to reduce total cost of ownership by up to 71 percent using a unique design of adaptive routers and are able to support any residential home, business or mobile service on a single, scalable network platform.


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