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Flexibility Unleashed

Dell PowerFlex

A complete, software-defined infrastructure platform that enables organizations to harness the power of software and embrace change, Dell PowerFlex also helps you consistently achieve predictable outcomes for mission-critical workloads. It provides extraordinary performance, eliminates silos, and simplifies deployment and ongoing operations by combining storage, compute, and networking resources with industry-standard hardware. Delivering extreme flexibility and linear scalability, PowerFlex is the ideal foundation for organizations to modernize their datacenter and workload infrastructure. And that’s not all.

PowerFlex software-defined architecture:

  • Delivers massive performance for both I/O and throughput intensive workloads by aggregating resources across a broad set of nodes. Just a few PowerFlex nodes can deliver millions of IOPs at sub-millisecond latency with real life workloads.
  • Ensures guaranteed performance SLAs without complications under any load conditions due to flexibility to combine storage media with varying performance profiles and simple sophisticated workload isolation capabilities
  • Is designed to scale linearly to 1000s of nodes, scaling performance, capacity, and compute resources linearly, modularly, and non-disruptively
  • Delivers non-stop operations. The architecture delivers 99.999% availability, eliminating planned and unplanned downtime for maintenance and upgrades.
  • Offers enterprise data services that include encryption, replication, snapshots, and data reduction. With support for VMware SRM, PowerFlex enables simple, effective disaster recovery and business continuity.

PowerFlex also offers flexibility to mix and match storage, compute, and HCI nodes in a dynamic deployment, allowing you to scale storage and compute resources together or independently, one node at a time, and as your needs dictate. PowerFlex infrastructure PODs can be rapidly reconfigured, moving resources around as needed, to meet changing workload requirement quickly and effortlessly. PowerFlex is optimized and validated for a broad set of enterprise workloads, and Dell Technologies lab tests demonstrate leading performance across workload categories, whether deployed bare-metal, virtualized or containerized. PowerFlex delivers market-leading, predictable, and repeatable performance irrespective of workload characteristics. It is optimized with documented best practices for a range of automation and orchestration tools, giving you choice and helping you simplify how you deploy and manage your modern applications.

As a Dell Platinum Partner, GDT is the perfect partner to help you unleash flexibility with PowerFlex. If you’d like to learn more, simply enter your information below, and GDT’s Dell-focused team will follow up with you.


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