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Accelerating Digital Transformation with SD-WAN

Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN

With sustained hybrid work, IT is challenged to deliver a consistent quality of experience and security policy enforcement to users and IoT devices connecting to enterprise apps and data from anywhere (home, temporary site, kiosk, the road, branch, hub/datacenter) and from any device (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop).

Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN can help IT organizations overcome the challenges of running the business on networks that were never designed for the demands they face today.

Aruba’s SD-WAN solutions simplify the operating process with a unified fabric across locations of all sizes, delivering significant operational benefits to IT, improved productivity, reduced business risk, and lower overall WAN costs.

With Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN, organizations can:

  1. Accelerate modern network deployments to support new business initiatives.

Aruba has the answer to providing flexibility on how to acquire, deploy, and operate EdgeConnect SD-WAN to accelerate transformation of the network to a business-critical service. With Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform) unified infrastructure, organizations have market-leading connectivity solutions combined with the most flexible acquisition and operations options to match budget and resource constraints.

  1. Gain choice and flexibility with a unified SD-WAN fabric.

EdgeConnect SD-WAN fabric provides right-sized on-ramps from campus, branch, small office, and ‘branch of one’ locations that connect and protect users and data and deliver an in-office experience from anywhere. New Aruba capabilities simplify provisioning and ongoing operations of the WAN fabric, delivers significant operational benefits to IT, improved business productivity and agility, reduced business risk, and lower overall WAN costs.

  1. Move to Zero Trust and at your pace.

With Aruba Zero Trust built-in, enterprise-wide, role-based traffic segmentation is enforced with a built-in next-gen firewall (NGFW). Organizations can deploy a best-of-breed SASE architecture at their own pace to enforce consistent, business-driven security policies.

  1. Rely on superior wireless and wired networking.

Aruba has been a recognized as a leader in wireless and wired networking by Gartner for 16+ years. Aruba’s best-in-class Wi-Fi 6/6E access points and switches, combined with our cloud-based network management, meet the performance and security needs of campuses, branches, and remote workers.

  1. Be confident with an independent validation of Secure SD-WAN.

Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise is the first SD-WAN platform to attain ICSA Secure SD-WAN certification, giving enterprises confidence in choosing Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise SD-WAN with built-in NGFW, Aruba EdgeConnect advanced security features eliminate the need for dedicated branch firewalls, without compromising security or connectivity.

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