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GDT Proudly Sponsors Team 2714 in the FIRST Robotics Competition

GDT was recently a proud sponsor of Dallas Robotics Team 2714 in the FIRST® Robotics Competition.

The FIRST Robotics Competition combines the excitement of sport with the rigors of science and technology, and student participants call it “the hardest fun you’ll ever have.” Under strict rules, limited time and resources, teams of high school students are challenged to raise funds, design a team brand, hone teamwork skills, and build and program industrial-size robots to play a difficult field game against like-minded competitors.

Team 2714 is comprised of a diverse team of young women and men interested in Robotics and STEM from across the Metroplex. At the FIT District Greenville Event last weekend, Team 2714 came in first place in the Qualifying Matches, won the overall Greenville District Tournament with a final record of 15-2-1, and won the “Excellence in Engineering Award.”

GDT is a very proud sponsor of Team 2714. We applaud them on their hard work, determination, and appreciation for the importance of STEM education. The future in STEM is bright with these stars like these guiding the way. CONGRATS Team 2714!

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