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GDT Engineers Aim to Leave Mark on Cisco Live

GDT will have a significant presence at Cisco Live in Las Vegas, Nev., this year with a team set to participate in the DevNet Hackathon along with GDT Labs’ Brett Kugler’s contributions to the Cisco Partner DevOps Forum Panel.
“Cisco Live is a great event for engineering teams to network with peers, learn new technologies, and find new opportunities in the world of solutions,” said Matt Duncan. “GDT engineers get to dig deeper into technology areas and bring back that knowledge to their teams and customers.”
The traditional Hackathon format will give teams the opportunity to develop collaboration solutions that incorporate Cisco technology and/or third party technologies. Participants will aim to develop collaboration-enabled mobile and enterprise apps using Cisco technology with their eyes on prizes. The theme for Hackathon centers on bees – i.e., colony monitoring – IoT, and, of course, collaboration. The GDT team has researched available technologies for several weeks in preparation for the event.
Hackathon team members include: Kugler, Richard Kiles, Robert Powers, and Tim Bramlett. Matt Duncan and Andrew Johnson will provide technical contributions.
“We’re all extremely excited to have the ability to participate and represent GDT in the Hackathon at Cisco Live,” said Powers. “We’re prepared and looking forward to the opportunity to build solutions to real world problems in ways that relate to what we’re doing within the Labs team.
“The Hackathon will be over 24 hours straight of coding, where we’ll tackle the problems surrounding a decline in the bee population and build a proof-of-concept solution that provides a real business value to those that deal with these problems every day. It will be a fantastic experience for all of us, and we hope to help GDT get the recognition it deserves as a leader in this type of problem solving.”
The Partner DevOps Forum is designed for engineers and practice managers, providing an opportunity to explore how Cisco Network Programmability and Automation capabilities facilitate the blending of DevOps and NetOps. Kugler will represent GDT Labs in joining other industry experts on a knowledge exploration of sorts during the panel discussion with the intent of providing insights to other partners around DevOps topics, practices, and GDT’s approach to the present and future of DevOps.
The DevNet Hackathon will take place at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on July 9-10. The Partner DevOps Forum will be hosted by the Cosmopolitan Hotel on July 10, from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m., and is free to attend.


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