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Insurance Company Increases Coverage by Renewing Policy

A 115-year-old, S&P 500 insurance company serving all fifty states faced an all-too-common problem: they had purchased a product but weren’t able to realize its full potential. Unfortunately, companies often purchase software with the best of intentions, only to have the product sit on the shelf or not be fully utilized. Often, the problem lies in the implementation process, and for security software, the problem may be even more pronounced if too much emphasis is placed internally on compliance (i.e., buying software solely to adhere to requirements) and not enough on security (i.e., understanding what the item they purchased can really do). This company was so frustrated that they were considering ripping out the product, even though it would leave them unprotected. They needed additional training and adoption services to show them everything the product could do.


  • The customer felt a particular product was not offering the value they wanted. Duplicate flows and incorrectly categorized information generated such an overwhelming amount of data that it devalued the product in the customer’s eyes.
  • The amount of effort required to implement the originally purchased solution was significant and required additional expertise to integrate fully using industry best practices, beyond what the company had on staff.
  • With their enterprise agreement up for renewal, they needed to make a decision – fast. Would they solve their implementation problem or risk going without or switching to a potentially less effective solution?



As an existing GDT customer, they know that GDT would take the time to really understand their pain points and concerns in order to formulate an entirely custom plan to address and resolve them. Though the customer considered other vendor products, GDT demonstrated how these products would not have provided the overall network and security visibility that the retained product did. In the presentation of the renewal GDT offered to include services as part of the renewal to road map current solutions and remediate solution integration. In the end, it was customer service that made the difference to the customer. GDT’s value-add services, time to response, and deep attention to customers’ needs by the sales and engineering teams directly led to the customer’s decision to renew their Cisco Security Enterprise Agreement, and purchase additional Firepower Firewall, ISE, and Stealthwatch appliances and utilize GDT Professional Services to assist with technical roadmapping and integration services.

GDT worked with customer during the technical roadmapping workshop to review and plan remediation of current concerns about implementation and value of data. GDT worked with Cisco CX to ensure customer satisfaction to implement separate data domains and host groups in order to separate and identify data to reduce duplicate flows. GDT performed health checks on existing products in the solution for best practices. GDT worked hands-on with customer to migrate and consolidate Firepower Firewalls across the customer’s separate data centers and sites, collapsing firewall install from 11 pairs of Firepower Firewalls to 6 pairs of Firepower Firewalls. In short, the combined forces of GDT and Cisco helped the customer automate the manual security workload through training and adoption.


By working through their implementation issues and resolving their issues with duplicate information, GDT was able to enhance the customer’s security, networking, and governance capabilities. Whereas the company had originally questioned whether the product offered any value, they soon realized it offered significant value to their business. They realized it showed security traffic and vulnerabilities and helped them write policies to stop them. The customer was able to enjoy increased visibility and reduced overall network noise and traffic. This increased visibility means that resolving security and network issues takes less time as well, which provides an increase in productivity and efficacy. GDT continues to work with customer to plan for future growth in quarterly health checks through the terms of their agreement.


90 days for initial implementation, integration and remediation of Cisco Security Enterprise Agreement


GDT’s advisor-led approach helps solve for the known and unknown security issues your organization is currently facing, or will soon have to address. GDT works closely with leaders in IT security, and when their security products and services are combined with GDT’s security experts, customers not only understand their attack surface, but know it’s fully protected. GDT’s security analysts and experts help protect customers’ three key attack surface components, including the network, the applications that run on it, and the employees who use them.

GDT’s solutions engineers and security analysts manage, monitor and protect IT infrastructures of all sizes, including those for some of the most notable enterprises, service providers, healthcare organizations and government agencies in the world.

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