Customer Success Story

Government agency turns to GDT to migrate Mission Critical Apps to the Cloud

It’s a common story—”Organization turns to GDT’s Cloud Solutions practice because they’re in need of its cloud migration and deployment expertise and experience.” And that’s exactly why one (1) of the East Coast’s largest government agencies promoting technology to over a thousand companies that employ half a million residents turned to GDT.

Experienced at working with government agencies and entities

Having been a managed services customer of GDT’s for a number of years, the client had already experienced exactly what GDT brings to the table—technological expertise and experience that delivers innovative solutions, all with a customer-first focus. The client had long ago turned to the solutions architects, engineers and security analysts that manage and monitor GDT’s Network- and Security Operations Centers located in Dulles, VA. Their other three (3) NOCs and SOCs are located at GDT’s Innovation Campus headquarters in Dallas, TX, Suwanee, GA. and in India.

The customer wanted to enjoy the cloud’s many benefits, but one (1) particular need trumped all others

The client had wanted for some time to enjoy the many benefits that a cloud migration—provided its done thoroughly and correctly—can deliver. They had already attempted to migrate to the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud, but soon discovered their lack of expertise and empirical experience with cloud services might mean a cloud migration would not only prove ineffective, but probably increase IT expenditures.


While the customer was eager to enjoy greater flexibility, more robust disaster recovery and collaboration options, automatic software and security updates, and better, safer controls over proprietary information and documentation, one (1) specific goal dominated all others—a reduction in IT costs.

21 days

With the customer’s current architecture costing more than their updated budget allowed, they needed to quickly migrate their MySQL database and WordPress PHP, including several additional applications, to the cloud in a time frame that was measured in days, not weeks or months.

In twenty-one (21) days, GDT’s Cloud Solutions professionals seamlessly migrated the customer’s required applications to the AWS Cloud and enabled Amazon CloudWatch, a monitoring and management tool that collects data and actionable insights, so nothing is left to chance regarding the operational health of the customer’s network.


With CloudWatch, automated actions can be deployed so important resources can be freed up through Auto Scaling, and unused resources can be detected and shut down to prevent unnecessary billing overages.

FedRAMP-certified with cloud expertise and experience…that’s GDT

Based on their prior experience with GDT and the fact that GDT is FedRAMP-certified, the customer was provided with the peace of mind that comes from utilizing an organization that has been carefully, and laboriously, vetted by the U.S. government.

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