Customer Success Story

Entertainment and Dining Co. looks to enhance its Mobility/POS Security

An entertainment company that features a unique, family-friendly experience at its nine (9) U.S.-based locations needed help ensuring their need for a more secure solution wouldn’t interfere with its Office 365 migration.

Added security, no downtime

The customer reached out to GDT’s Azure Cloud experts because they required an additional layer of infrastructural security without impacting an Office 365 implementation that was still in process. Based in part on GDT’s prior and successful implementation of a Citrix-based edge solution, the customer was confident they’d turned to the right company to analyze and design a solution that would address their needs and satisfy their concerns.

GDT’s holistic approach

GDT’s team of Azure Cloud professionals employed a holistic evaluation of the client’s current infrastructure, which allowed them to provide recommendations and an implementation strategy that wouldn’t disrupt operations. The client’s security concerns surrounded its mobile POS (point of sale) system, which allowed the wait staff to immediately enter orders while consistently engaging customers. The POS system was the client’s lifeblood, and  it needed an enhanced security model for remote access into the network.


GDT’s Azure Cloud team created a solution that resides outside their Office 365 environment. They analyzed cost models to ensure the client had the perfect solution at a price point that satisfied its budget. GDT recommendation was to utilize the wait staff’s existing mobile phones for multi-factor authentication, allowing a security code to be pushed to those handheld devices. With the client’s budget in mind, GDT determined that using a per-authentication solution would save costs while also providing a high level of network security.


GDT’s Azure Cloud team was able to utilize and integrate the client’s existing Citrix solution, including NetScaler gateways, which were purchased through, and implemented by, GDT’s engineering architects. GDT’s Azure Cloud team implanted the solution on time and on budget.

Comprehensive analysis, comprehensive solutions

As a result of the initial, thorough analysis the GDT Azure Cloud professionals conducted, the client turned to GDT to expand their NetScaler services and upgrade SQL servers. GDT’s Azure Cloud team also recommended, then implemented, two (2) synchronization servers, which allowed the client to complete their Office 365 migration in a greatly reduced time frame.

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