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How Retailers are Staying Afloat in a Tech World

In today’s world of accelerated digitalization companies and individuals are looking for reliable ways of gaining flexible ways of transforming their business in a hybrid world.

In retail, brands and business owners are being impacted by declining revenue amidst growing fixed costs. And with interest rates soaring amidst inflation, retailers are expected to be kneecapped further if consumers begin to tighten their belts.

Yet, as retailers continue to accelerate their digital transformation, NaaS solutions are demonstrating how they can deliver impactful gains. Retailers and brands are better able to scale up or down according to their operational needs, and move from a fixed to a variable cost structure by using operational expenditure (OpEx) pay-per-use models that NaaS provides. What’s more, they get to leave the hassle of managing the technology, people and processes to their solutions provider. In this case, Aruba as the solutions provider, offers an asset-light, service-heavy business model, optimizing performance and increasing overall efficiency.

NaaS does more than simply help retailers keep abreast of the latest technologies, enabling them to adopt digital solutions as they refine their omnichannel strategy to meet consumers where they are. And when it comes to security, HPE GreenLake for Aruba, our NaaS solution, offers secure asset decommissioning services that reduce the risk of data breaches and (financial) penalties associated with poor disposal methods. All the responsibilities of performing a secure asset decommissioning strategy no longer falls on the IT team. This helps reduce the workload of IT staff and improves overall operational efficiencies so that they can concentrate on value added initiatives within the organization instead.

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