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Automation to increase lead gen by almost 2,000%

Automation lead generation

GDT’s Automation experts to fill a customer’s sales funnel without increasing personnel costs. Ask sales managers what keeps them up at night, and you’ll hear the words sales funnel, followed by not full enough.

They knew that filling their sales funnel would mean throwing resources at the problem, which would significantly increase costs while probably reducing profitability. They were generating approximately 50 qualified leads per week, but knew that hitting their lofty revenue and margin goals would mean increasing those leads ten-fold.

Partner introduction provides the scalability, expertise and budget-friendly cost required.The client was introduced to GDT by its strategic partner IBM Watson, the open, multi-cloud platform that enables AI lifecycle automation. They knew the size and scope of this project would  scale with, and be perfectly addressed by, GDT’s Automation & DevOps organization.

If you can describe your problem, GDT’s automation experts can solve it. The customer’s problem is pretty straightforward—they don’t have enough resources to satisfy their sales leads goal. The sales team has to first find, then read through, volumes of information from news articles on the Internet. This manual process is highly inefficient, leaving their sales professionals with limited time to speak with prospective customers. They aren’t able to spend time doing what they were hired to do—generate revenue.The customer had a need, but didn’t know if addressing it was even possible; that is, until they met GDT’s automation experts.

How does twenty-fold sound? GDT designed and deployed an algorithm that will accomplish in seconds what currently takes the customer’s sales team weeks. Their number of monthly qualified leads will now increase twenty-fold overnight, and GDT is also integrating the leads with Salesforce, the customer’s CRM of choice. Their sales team will now receive thousands of qualified leads each week, all of which will satisfy the customer’s stringent, pre-defined criteria. Prior to working with GDT’s Automation & DevOps professionals, hitting this target would require that the customer hire an additional 120 salespeople. Now, it will cost them less than hiring one.


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