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Architectural Imagination
Organizations that know how to use their proliferation of data will be able to better develop new sources of revenue and service customers, and become more competitive. That’s where Intelligent storage steps in.
Hybrid IT Infrastructure
Utilizing a hybrid IT architecture—running some apps on-site, others in the cloud—may be far more common than you’d think.
Russia cybersecurity
In the event you’re keeping score at home, Russia sits atop the medal standings at the Hacker Olympics.
Data Storage Solutions
One of the issues that actually prevents companies from increasing that spend is the head-spinning number of options that can be utilized. They're blinded by the storage light.
software storage
Software-defined storage is storage virtualization combined with services and functionality independent from the hardware used.
ATM security
It should come as no surprise to learn that there is malware that targets ATMs. It makes perfect sense: ATMs run software, require connectivity and are stuffed with cash.
Google cybersecurity
As if they don't have enough going on, Google just launched its first cybersecurity company.
Broadband access
The U.S. government has introduced a plan called the American Broadband Initiative (ABI) to ramp up broadband deployment to millions of Americans in rural communities.
DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management)
DCIM combines the more glamorous IT with physical assets, the oft-ignored, but vitally important “offensive linemen of the data center.”