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Russia cybersecurity
In the event you’re keeping score at home, Russia sits atop the medal standings at the Hacker Olympics.
Dunkin Donuts
Sugary sweet giant Dunkin’ Donuts was hit with its second cyber-attack in three months. Both attacks can be filed in a cyberattack category you may not have heard of—credential stuffing.
Security myths
According to the National Cyber Security Center, the cyber arm of Great Britain’s GCHQ, these are the two most common myths concerning network security.
Insurance policy lapse
Many analysts believe the current cyber insurance market will double in the next 18 months, from $4 billion to $8 billion in premiums.
FTC's findings

By Richard Arneson By now, most of us are aware that cyber threats don’t discriminate. Any business, regardless of size, industry, location, et al., is a potential target. The media, of course, is going to focus on breaches that affect huge, public-facing, high-profile corporations whose names are recognizable (Target, Uber,

Gen V

By Richard Arneson Gen X, Gen Y, NextGen, 5G, 4G…if you could buy stock in the number of ways Gen has been used, I’d be the first to reach for my checkbook. Here’s another one, and may possibly be the most important―Gen V. Gen V is what Checkpoint, a 25-year-old

Security Check-up

Choose to ignore it and you’ll pay later (just ask the city of Atlanta) In March of this year, the City of Atlanta found out the hard way what failing to do a security check-up can mean. They were hit with the SamSam ransomware, which created an encrypted wall that