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IT Budgets
Ben Franklin said, “Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." 232 years later, the quote can now include "and falling victim to a cyberattack.”
Russia cybersecurity
In the event you’re keeping score at home, Russia sits atop the medal standings at the Hacker Olympics.
Google cybersecurity
As if they don't have enough going on, Google just launched its first cybersecurity company.
Dunkin Donuts
Sugary sweet giant Dunkin’ Donuts was hit with its second cyber-attack in three months. Both attacks can be filed in a cyberattack category you may not have heard of—credential stuffing.
Security myths
According to the National Cyber Security Center, the cyber arm of Great Britain’s GCHQ, these are the two most common myths concerning network security.
State of the Union address
Technology was a focal point for one brief, shining moment during last night’s State of the Union address.
Exciting technology
Like a kid on Christmas morning, many organizations are so excited about implementing the latest and greatest technology that they're getting ahead of themselves.
“Collection #1” is one of the largest security breaches of all time and includes 773 million unique email accounts and almost 25 million associated passwords.

By Richard Arneson Apparently, scammers get bored, too, at least the ones who find it fun and profitable to generate hustles related to cryptocurrency. They’ve found a new target—Facebook. Their scamming medium of choice has primarily been Twitter, which has for months been littered with fake cryptocurrency advertisements. For Facebook,