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Phishing is up

By Richard Arneson We’re entering the holiday season, which used to mean trips to the mall, circling the parking lot for a spot within a hundred yards of the door, and trying to get the clerk to accept a coupon that expired a year ago. But that’s all changed. Now

Gen V

By Richard Arneson Gen X, Gen Y, NextGen, 5G, 4G…if you could buy stock in the number of ways Gen has been used, I’d be the first to reach for my checkbook. Here’s another one, and may possibly be the most important―Gen V. Gen V is what Checkpoint, a 25-year-old

Security Check-up

Choose to ignore it and you’ll pay later (just ask the city of Atlanta) In March of this year, the City of Atlanta found out the hard way what failing to do a security check-up can mean. They were hit with the SamSam ransomware, which created an encrypted wall that

VMware 2017

Partners Awarded for Extraordinary Performance and Notable AchievementsGDT today announced that it has received the Americas VMware Partner Innovation Award for the Transform Networking & Security category. GDT was recognized at VMware Partner Leadership Summit 2018, held in Scottsdale, AZ.“We congratulate GDT on winning a VMware Partner Innovation Award for

Managed Services Provider
Even though the benefits of moving to a managed services model are widely known–24x7x365 availability, greater scalability, predictable costs, and faster adoption of new technologies–there are several elements that can leave IT personnel shuddering at the thought of losing control and no longer having all IT resources on-site.
Ransomware - How to protect

If you’re not familiar with how ransomware works, call the city of Atlanta’s IT department. On March 22nd, they were hit with the SamSam ransomware, which created, in effect, an encrypted wall that prevented employees from accessing needed data. It effectively ground city services to a halt. The city couldn’t

data breaches

by Moe Janmohammad, GDT Cybersecurity Analyst 2017 was one of the worst years on record for data breaches, computer vulnerabilities and malware attacks. Based on the first four days of 2018, those numbers might be eclipsed after security researchers uncovered a few vulnerabilities in virtually all processors made since 1995.

GDT Lunch & Learn on Web Security

GDT Consulting Engineer Nate Atkinson delivers, as part of the GDT DevOps team’s weekly Lunch & Learn series, a great, basic overview on web security, including some fundamentals, such as privacy, authentication, and integrity. He discusses the importance of data security, both at rest and in flight, and common strategies for managing