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IoT Trends
Here a few of the ways IoT will become more ubiquitous in our day-to-day lives in 2019.
Wi-Fi Technology
It’s about time Wi-Fi technology pulls its own weight. Isn’t it about time we ask Wi-Fi what else—other than connecting us to the world—it can do for us?
Finland’s Reindeer Herding Association has been working with Digita, a Helsinki-based communications company, to design a reindeer collar that uses GPS and a Digita's long-distance wireless network.
Internet of Things
Researchers at The University of Washington have developed a backpack for bees, and the best part is what the backpack carries—data!
Application Performance and IOT Goals

By Richard Arneson Performance monitoring. It’s a pretty generic term. It’s like Lots of moving parts, Best practices, Thinking outside the box….we could list them until Boston releases its 3rd album (for the over 50-year-old reader). But in the IoT world we live in, performance monitoring is a critical component

Smart devices managed services

By Richard Arneson Question: What happens when you combine AI (artificial intelligence) and Wi-Fi? Apologies to Alex Trebek and Jeopardy, but this particular solution is so cool, exciting and effective that I couldn’t bury the lead and had to skip straight to the answer. Wi-Fi has been part of our

GDT security solutions

By Richard Arneson Apologies for the headline in the event you’ll soon label it as an act of sensationalism, but the topic of today’s blog needs to be considered, then forwarded, if you or others you know have implemented, or are in the planning stages of implementing, your organization’s IoT

How does IoT fit with SD-WAN

By Richard Arneson Now that computing has been truly pushed out to the edge, it brings up questions about how it will mesh with today’s networks. The answer? Very well, especially regarding SD-WAN. IoT is comprised of three types of devices that make it work―sensors, gateways and the Cloud. No,

GDT Office USA

On Tuesday, June 19th, GDT Associate Network Systems Engineer Andrew Johnson presented, as part of the GDT Agile Operations (DevOps) team’s weekly Lunch & Learn series, info about the wild world of IoT (Internet of Things). Andrew provides a high level overview of what IoT is and what can be