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By Richard Arneson Apparently, scammers get bored, too, at least the ones who find it fun and profitable to generate hustles related to cryptocurrency. They’ve found a new target—Facebook. Their scamming medium of choice has primarily been Twitter, which has for months been littered with fake cryptocurrency advertisements. For Facebook,

By Richard Arneson It’s been over three (3) years since Google announced that developers could no longer publish applications on Google Play willy-nilly—that is, without their apps having first been vetted. But that vetting process is largely handled like it is on Apple’s App store—manually. Yes, people are their main

By Richard Arneson By now, most of us are aware that cyber threats don’t discriminate. Any business, regardless of size, industry, location, et al., is a potential target. The media, of course, is going to focus on breaches that affect huge, public-facing, high-profile corporations whose names are recognizable (Target, Uber,

By Richard Arneson The midterms are over, most of the concession speeches have been grudgingly made, which thankfully means no more yard signs or unwanted texts from candidates, and no longer having to hear “This message has been approved by…” at the end of competitor-bashing ads. But now it’s time

By Richard Arneson If you’ve never seen video of it, it’s happened a few times. Two pugilists—in this case MMA fighters—knock each other out simultaneously. You can see it for yourself, it’s good for a chuckle—go 35 seconds in— is exactly what you’d like to see when two (2) botnets