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By Richard Arneson Most people know the story. Everybody who hears it likes it. It’s the one about a University of Texas pre-med student who decided to start a computer company from his dorm room. He’d take a garden variety computer and, metaphorically speaking, put on high-end headers, a Flathead

By Richard Arneson Let me get this out of the way first—IT transformation isn’t the same as digital transformation. The former is more a means of getting your organization to the latter (Read more about digital transformation here). OK, now let’s get down to IT transformation.GDT premier partners Dell EMC

Dell EMC PowerVault ME4

By Richard Arneson If your backyard is the size of Greenwich Village apartment, you probably wouldn’t buy a tractor with a mulching attachment to mow the lawn. The same holds true for technology solutions. Why should only the biggest of the biggies get to enjoy best-of-breed, cutting-edge technology solutions? And

Dell EMC VxRail appliances

By Richard Arneson If your organization isn’t on, or planning to get on, the road to hyperconvergence (HCI), you may soon be left waiving at your competitors as the HCI train flies by. A recent industry study found that approximately 25% of companies currently use hyperconvergence, and another 23% plan