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five 9s cloud contact center

By Richard Arneson We’ve all done it; you may do it every day. You pick up the phone to dial up service of some type, and tap into a call center. You may not even know you’ve entered that world, but you can usually tell. You’ve typed in your phone

Hiring a hacker

By Richard Arneson In just nine (9) short years, ridesharing company Uber has risen from a small, San Francisco-based startup to a highly disruptive, $6.5 billion juggernaut that, along with its competitor Lyft, has given over 2 million people with a car and spare time on their hands the opportunity

Cisco Cloud Security Solutions

By Richard Arneson Every organization has, has plans to, or wants to move to The Cloud. And by 2020, most will be there. According to a recent survey, within two (2) years 83% of enterprise workloads will be in The Cloud―41% on public Clouds, like AWS and Microsoft Azure, 20%