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Blockchain is now addressing the age-old question that has haunted hiring managers for years—are job candidates being truthful?

By Richard Arneson With a value of almost $300 billion, retail juggernaut Walmart, which includes Sam’s Club, has turned to blockchain to keep customers safe from future produce-related illnesses. It’s estimated that outbreaks related to food borne illnesses, like those that occurred in April due to E. coli-tainted romaine lettuce,

By Richard Arneson Think back to that Accounting 101 class you took in college. As an English major, I found the class to be miles on the other side difficult. I thought I’d accidentally signed up for the CPA prep course. But the first thing you learn is (let’s all

By Richard Arneson The Innovator’s Dilemma is a fascinating book written in 1997 by Clayton Christensen, a Harvard professor who coined the term disruptive technology. He considered it one (1) of two (2) technological categories, the other being sustaining technology. Christensen defined disruptive technology as any that, while being new,

On April 3rd, GDT Network Engineer Ryan Rogers presented, as part of the GDT DevOps team’s weekly Lunch & Learn series, information about blockchain. As defined by Investopedia, blockchain is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions. Ryan uses Bitcoin as the marquee, certainly most noteworthy, implementation of