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IT Budgets
Ben Franklin said, “Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." 232 years later, the quote can now include "and falling victim to a cyberattack.”

By Richard Arneson Let me get this out of the way first—IT transformation isn’t the same as digital transformation. The former is more a means of getting your organization to the latter (Read more about digital transformation here). OK, now let’s get down to IT transformation.GDT premier partners Dell EMC

By Richard Arneson We’ve been hearing it for years—automation, robots, and, more recently, AI will kill jobs and leave people out of work, out of money, tank the economy, etc. And there’s no industry more fearful of automation than manufacturing, that it will mark an end to jobs, especially those

Automation & Autonomics

By Richard Arneson Analogy Alert! When VHS recorders were first introduced to the marketplace, I couldn’t imagine a better customer than my Mother. She had just retired and watching re-runs of The Rockford Files consumed a large percentage of her free time (and there was plenty of it). I never