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GDT is Living Fit by taking on the Fit Company Challenge

 GDT Fit Company Challenge 2015 Team

On April 18th, 2015 over 200 business leaders from local companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area took part in the Fit Company Challenge, a corporate fitness event hosted by the Fit Company Institute providing area companies an opportunity to show the importance of living a fit and healthy lifestyle. Participants ranged in age from professionals in their early 20’s to executives in their 60’s and ranged in fitness level from beginners who hadn’t worked out in years to advanced participants who exercise regularly. Regardless of fitness level, participants worked in teams of 3 to 4 to complete a variety of fitness stations tailored to challenge the team member’s fitness and earn points towards their company’s overall score.
Trammell Crow Residential took home top honors in the small company category and had a lot of fun competing together. “Being fit and living a healthy lifestyle are important components of the Trammell Crow Residential culture,” said Matt Enzler, Managing Director at Trammell Crow Residential. “We promote healthy living to our residents and want it to carry through to our employees as well. The Fit Company Challenge was a great way to promote that value, in addition to providing a great teambuilding experience.”
In this year’s largest company division, Century Interactive took the 1st place spot. Embracing a healthy lifestyle and promoting wellness at the company are both important reasons companies took part. For Century Interactive’s Chief Operations Officer Patrick Elverum, the reward was seeing all his team members give it their all together on the courses. “It was genuinely satisfying to see our teams fight hard and complete the event. Walking away, I could not have been more proud of CI.”
On event date, with the help of over 30 volunteers assisting the contenders, participants challenged their strength, conditioning, power, agility, and ended with a test of endurance in order to show their companies and colleagues that they practice what they preach. Participants used their involvement to promote health by bringing out company team members and family members to cheer them on during the challenge.
The challenge was held at Flag Pole Hill Park near White Rock Lake, just a few minutes from downtown Dallas.
The following is a list of the top finishers in Dallas that participated in the 2015 Fit Company Challenge:

Fittest Companies by Division

Medium Division:

  1. Century Interactive
  2. GDT
  3. Parkway Construction & Architecture
  4. TPN Retail
  5. Riveron Consulting

Small Division:

  1. Trammell Crow Residential
  2. MHT MidSpan
  3. defi SOLUTIONS
  4. Advice Interactive Group (Tie)
  5. BNSF Logistics (Tie)

Fittest Professionals

Level 3
1. TPN

  • Paul Ramirez
  • Bryan Bullard
  • Severino Figueroa
  • Carlos Ramirez

2. Century Interactive

  • Dishon Hughes
  • Patrick Elverum
  • Jayah Kai-samba
  • Shanon Adams

3. GDT

  • Dan Engelhardt
  • Wes Watkins
  • Jessica Webb
  • Clint Watkins

4. Trammell Crow Residential

  • Heath Townsend
  • Megan Smith
  • Matt Enzler

Level 2
1. MHT MidSpan

  • Connor Ryan
  • Joe Terzo
  • Lauren Gurley
  • Tom Burgett

2. Parkway Construction & Architecture

  • Mike Mabe
  • Ethan Mabe
  • Duncan Tyler
  • Mallone Bullock

3. Century Interactive

  • Matt Hatchell
  • Katherine Worwoa
  • Tony Challeen
  • Mary Haye

4. Trammell Crow Residential

  • Steve Bancroft
  • Ryan Fadley
  • Tiffany Rippa

Level 1
1.    Riveron Consulting

  • Jimmy Watson
  • Matt Wicker
  • Yulia Grishina

2. SYNERGEN Health

  • Sunil Konda
  • Duminda Gunawardena
  • Mel Gunawardena
  • Mark Kielwasser

3. Parkway Construction & Architecture

  • Sean Chambliss
  • Vanessa Graves
  • Vito Spillone
  • Scott Chadwick

4. Parkway Construction & Architecture

  • Kris Raisor
  • Steven Swensen
  • Josh Austin
  • Anthony Martin

Organizations that brought out volunteers to assist contenders on event date and sponsored the event include:

  • Park Cities XC Youth Running Club
  • CrossFit FCH
  • Live Your Life Fitness
  • CrossFit BYOB
  • Hyperwear, Inc.
  • Ranch Road Creative Solutions

About the Fit Company Institute, LLC:

The Fit Company Institute is based in Austin, Texas and is dedicated to inspiring America’s workforce to live fit and healthy through new, innovative, and exciting fitness events for companies and business leaders. The Fit Company events challenge participants to be their fittest, recognize leaders and companies that make fitness a priority, and support America’s workforce of tomorrow.
Find more at and upcoming events in Austin, Chicago, San Antonio, and Phoenix.