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NETFLIX Fake Email
The FTC wants you to know that if you have a Netflix account, you better watch out. They’re not talking about Santa. No, they’ve issued a phishing alert.
Technology world cup
The coveted World Cup of 5G pits dozens of service providers and countries for the right to claim that they are the first to offer this long-awaited wireless evolution.
Q & A for a Q & A

By Richard Arneson Think back to the first time you hopped on the Internet. If you’re under the age of thirty-years-old, it might have been a “meh” moment, if it even registered at all. It was probably lost among the other technological advancements that surrounded your crib. But if you’re

By Richard Arneson Apparently, scammers get bored, too, at least the ones who find it fun and profitable to generate hustles related to cryptocurrency. They’ve found a new target—Facebook. Their scamming medium of choice has primarily been Twitter, which has for months been littered with fake cryptocurrency advertisements. For Facebook,

Content is king

By Richard Arneson There’s a reason that YouTube has over a billion unique visitors each month―video works, whether for marketing, training, webcasting, collaboration, or just plain entertainment. But it’s no longer about cute cats or spectacular sports highlights. Video is—or definitely should be–an integral tool in a company’s communications arsenal.

What is Digital Transformation?

By Richard Arneson We’ve all heard of it; we know our company should be striving to achieve it; but what exactly is…digital transformation? Many people, at least those outside of the IT and telecommunications industries, may have been first introduced to the digital world through clocks or CD’s, leaving them

green initiatives

By Jennifer Hicks from SmartBlog on LeadershipJW Roberts is the CEO and founder of General Datatech, a Cisco value-added reseller that provides core routing and switching, unified communications, security, wireless, datacenter and storage solutions to clients nationwide. The company recently moved all its departments into a renovated and retrofitted dairy