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It’s impossible to know what fish will bite on, which is probably why people are drawn to fishing. Sure, it seems a little odd that human beings take pleasure in outwitting something with a pea-sized, waterlogged brain, but, yes, it’s fun. One (1) day fish like cheese, the next day,

Smart devices managed services

By Richard Arneson Question: What happens when you combine AI (artificial intelligence) and Wi-Fi? Apologies to Alex Trebek and Jeopardy, but this particular solution is so cool, exciting and effective that I couldn’t bury the lead and had to skip straight to the answer. Wi-Fi has been part of our

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By Richard Arneson To detail in a book the benefits that the digital age has delivered over the past twenty (20) would make Moby Dick look like a brochure. In a much, much smaller book would be a list of any negative ramifications, most of which would fall under the

GDT security solutions

By Richard Arneson Apologies for the headline in the event you’ll soon label it as an act of sensationalism, but the topic of today’s blog needs to be considered, then forwarded, if you or others you know have implemented, or are in the planning stages of implementing, your organization’s IoT

What is Digital Transformation?

By Richard Arneson We’ve all heard of it; we know our company should be striving to achieve it; but what exactly is…digital transformation? Many people, at least those outside of the IT and telecommunications industries, may have been first introduced to the digital world through clocks or CD’s, leaving them

mobility managed solutions

By Richard Arneson If mobility isn’t one of the most used words of the past ten (10) years, it’s got to be a close second. And mobility is no longer just about using Smart phones or tablets to purchase Christmas presents and avoid trips to the shopping mall. Mobility is

market growth

According to an IDC report that was released in 2017, it was predicted the SD-WAN market would grow from a then $700M to over $8B by 2021. They’ve revised that figure. Now it’s over $9B. SD-WAN is often, yet incorrectly, referred to as WAN Optimization, but that’s actually a perfect