Customer Success Story

The simplicity of Simplivity

By Richard Arneson

In the world of technology, today’s advancements can quickly become tomorrow’s obsolescence. No organization understands this better than one (1) of the country’s largest energy companies. They needed to refresh their entire IT environment, which they believed they’d already accomplished through their IT organization. What they soon discovered, however, is that a solution, or in this case a re-fresh, doesn’t truly address the issue of obsolescence if the latest and greatest solution isn’t implemented correctly. GDT has seen this before. And, like they have thousands of times over the past twenty-three (23) years, their engineering team transformed the customer’s sour experience into the sweet taste of technological success.

What went wrong?

Unfortunately, the customer hadn’t initially conscripted the help of one (1) of the IT industry’s most knowledgeable and experienced collection of engineering experts. In addition to the solution they had implemented, they had already begun testing less-than-ideal solutions to remediate the issue. There’s a phrase for that: “throwing good money after bad.”

Through interviews with the customer’s key stakeholders and decision-makers, GDT’s engineering team discovered that the client’s current “solution” didn’t provide them the ability to easily and efficiently replicate data between their production environment and a Disaster Recovery (DR) site. And the solution’s resource-intensive deduplication process, which analyzes incoming traffic and stores only what doesn’t already exist, didn’t accommodate their need for an expedient solution. In short, their critical de-dupe process was slow.

An aptly named solution

As one (1) of HPE’s premier partners, GDT is in a unique position that few of its partners have earned and enjoy—the ability and expertise to quickly design, deliver and deploy HPE solutions. GDT engineering knew exactly what the customer needed, and, better still, had the empirical experience to perfectly deploy it–HPE SimpliVity. HPE SimpliVity is a pre-integrated, all-flash, hyperconverged solution that simplifies IT by combining all infrastructure and advanced data services for virtualized workloads, including VM-centric management and mobility, data protection and guaranteed data efficiency.

The Simplicity of SimpliVity

HPE SimpliVity has earned the simple in its name for a number of reasons, but for this customer it meant managing the solution through its existing VMware dashboard and management environment. By installing a simple plug-in on VMware’s management platform, vCenter, this new HPE SimpliVity customer can easily and seamlessly enjoy its new solution. And, because the customer is considering a Microsoft Hyper-V migration in the future, it was relieved to know that HPE SimpliVity can accommodate that virtualization software solution, as well. The customer’s deduplication issue, due in large part to a particularly cumbersome application, was immediately addressed, as HPE SimpliVity can de-dupe and recover a stunning one (1) Terabyte (TB) of data in a matter of seconds. And with SimpliVity’s impressive, industry-leading 10:1 de-dupe ratio, the customer now enjoys ninety percent (90%) savings in its physical storage capacity.

If you have questions about how GDT’s talented engineers and solutions architects can digitally transform your organization, contact them at or at They’d love to hear from you.

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