Customer Success Story

Site survey, best practices uncovers impending, costly issues

Attenuation is to IT what lane closures are to roadways—impediments. And when that impeded traffic traverses the network of a national, first-class amenities corporation with well over 300 remote locations and more than 20,000 employees, impeded traffic could mean millions of dollars in lost revenue in a short period of time. However, attenuation wasn’t on a client’s radar when they contacted long-term vendor GDT about reconfiguring its wiring to accommodate its rapidly growing workforce. But it soon would be thanks to the physical infrastructure experts at GDT.

Turning to experts, reaping the rewards

The client was enjoying tremendous growth, which required hiring dozens of employees in all departments—from their call center and accounting, to IT, marketing and HR. Their headquarters was conveniently and centrally located in one of the country’s top 10 markets, and moving to accommodate their burgeoning workforce wasn’t an option. For 15 years, the high-rise building they occupied had proudly displayed their brand to the estimated 90,000 drivers who pass it each business day. Their brand equity was through the roof.


Based on their solid, stellar relationship and years of experience working with GDT, the client called on its Physical Infrastructure professionals to design and implement a reconfigured cabling solution that would easily support their expanding staff.


After an initial meeting to understand the customer’s precise needs, GDT’s Physical Infrastructure team conducted a thorough, building-wide site survey, which encompassed several wiring closets on multiple floors. While examining copper patch panels, they discovered much of the cabling hadn’t adhered to wiring best practices. Many of it was bent at angles far exceeding industry best practices (bends should not exceed 4 times the cable’s diameter, or approximately 1 inch). After closely examining all wiring closets and patch panels, they discovered dozens of Cat6 cables that were split and exposed wiring. Had GDT engineers not discovered and corrected the flawed installations, attenuation, among a handful of other issues, would have assuredly followed.

There’s no substitute for experience, expertise and best practices

GDT’s Physical Infrastructure team consists of professionals who offer and provide customers with a vast arsenal of solutions and services that extend well beyond what this client is currently enjoying. In addition to server enclosures, wireless access points, uninterrupted power and cabling (both copper and fiber), they also provide hot & cold aisle containment for data centers, access control design and implementation, IP-based cameras, control panels, and much more. They are a one-stop shop for physical IT infrastructures, whether for data centers, remote offices, headquarters, or warehouses, even those facing the most challenging climates and condition90


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