Customer Success Story

SD-WAN Delivers Perfect Solution and Cost Savings

By Richard Arneson

A global software company that specializes in employee benefits solutions wanted to reduce the inherent complexity that came from managing their wide area network, especially as it pertains to their ninety-plus (90+) branch offices. They turned to GDT, their longtime technology solutions provider and partner, and its talented solutions architects and engineers that manage their SD-WAN practice.

Interviews uncover needs…

GDT’s SD-WAN experts worked closely with the customer to fully understand their current WAN environment, including all applications that traverse the WAN and their respective classes of service (CoS). Based on those findings, GDT’s solutions architects and engineers crafted a solution that not only addressed the customer’s primary objectives―simplification of management, monitoring and provisioning―but were able to provide considerable cost savings, as well.

…Needs perfectly addressed

For each of the 90+ branch locations, GDT’s SD-WAN team recommended vEdge SD-WAN routers from Viptela, a company purchased by GDT premier partner Cisco in August of 2017. This powerful technological solution combines Viptela’s SD-WAN expertise and hardware with Cisco’s industry-leading enterprise routing solutions. The Viptela vEdge SD-WAN routers are available in four (4) models (vEdge-100, vEdge-1000 and vEdge-2000 and vEdge-5000), and allow the customer to enjoy the perfect, most cost-effective router based on office population, applications utilized and bandwidth requirements.

GDT’s SD-WAN practice professionals deliver the perfect solution, and more

By utilizing GDT’s seasoned technologists, the customer now enjoys the many benefits SD-WAN can deliver when properly deployed, including:

  • Automation for routing, encryption, Initial authentication, authorization, component connections,
  • Simplified, centralized management for configuration, routing, security, policy, segmentation and device authentication,
  • Standard features for routing, security, encryption, forwarding, Quality of Service (QoS), policy, and management through a single appliance,
  • Strict SLA adherence, so specific classes of traffic are only directed over the connections that meet the SLA requirements,
  • Traffic prioritization by application, and
  • Tremendous savings over their legacy MPLS network.

Now by de-provisioning MPLS at each branch location and adding a secondary, lower cost Internet circuit, the customer has a secondary WAN connection in the event the primary is experiencing bottlenecks or latency. And each Internet circuit is utilized, so bandwidth isn’t idly, and wastefully, standing by.

Security and Key Management

The customer also enjoys another tremendous SD-WAN benefit that addresses what has added complexity and time to network management for years―key management. The customer’s need to monitor and distribute public security keys to thousands of employees was alleviated with SD-WAN, as all endpoints and devices are authenticated with key-exchange functionality and software-defined security. And end-to-end encryption is provided across their enterprise network and the Internet.

Simplicity, Automation, Centralized Management and Cost Savings

Now that the customer is enjoying the many benefits GDT’s SD-WAN solution affords them, they readily admit that utilizing the right SD-WAN partner is critical to the solution’s success.

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