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GDT’s tenured, talented IT professionals have delivered an array of successful, tried-and-tested solutions to customers for the past 24 years. Whether it’s cloud migration roadmaps, managed NOC and SOC services, next-gen security strategies, or implementations throughout the world, many of the world’s most notable enterprises, healthcare organizations, service providers, and government agencies have turned to GDT to ensure they’re getting the very most from their technology spend. 

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The best laid plans, implemented

All too often organizations don’t give cloud migrations their due. There’s considerably more to moving applications to the cloud than most suspect. And that mindset often puts companies at risk once they discover a lack of knowledge or having the right skill sets on

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“Pure and Simple.”

By Richard Arneson “Our life is frittered away by details. Simplify, simplify,” noted American author Henry David Thoreau over two hundred fifty (250) years ago. But simple is a word that’s rarely used to describe an IT deployment of any

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The simplicity of Simplivity

By Richard Arneson In the world of technology, today’s advancements can quickly become tomorrow’s obsolescence. No organization understands this better than one (1) of the country’s largest energy companies. They needed to refresh their entire IT environment, which they believed

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“Repeatable” is the operative word

With almost 300 retail locations in the United States, a global manufacturing corporation serving the business and residential markets needed to greatly expand its wireless network. If that sounds like a straightforward project, it’s anything but when the locations span

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SD-WAN Delivers Perfect Solution and Cost Savings

By Richard Arneson A global software company that specializes in employee benefits solutions wanted to reduce the inherent complexity that came from managing their wide area network, especially as it pertains to their ninety-plus (90+) branch offices. They turned to

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Software Adoption on a Global Scale

By Richard Arneson A large, multi-national oil & gas corporation whose offices span the globe needed help understanding how to partition, organize and track the utilization of Cisco software licensing throughout its organization, numbered at well over 10,000 employees. Cisco’s

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