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GDT’s tenured, talented IT professionals have delivered an array of successful, tried-and-tested solutions to customers for the past 24 years. Whether it’s cloud migration roadmaps, managed NOC and SOC services, next-gen security strategies, or implementations throughout the world, many of the world’s most notable enterprises, healthcare organizations, service providers, and government agencies have turned to GDT to ensure they’re getting the very most from their technology spend. 

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Medical & Healthcare

Collaboration implementation for healthcare system giant

A large, public healthcare system and provider of indigent care and Level 1 trauma services found itself in need of a groundbreaking overhaul to its communication capabilities. This overhaul included services at its main hospital, as well as 50 additional, geographically disparate

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Banking & Financial

Assessment turns cloud hopes into reality

By Richard Arneson According to a recent survey of almost a thousand (<1,000) IT professionals, it was discovered that ninety-six percent (96%) of respondents use the cloud. It’s a staggering number, but tempered when compared to the thirty-five percent (35%) that

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