Customer Success Story

Large, US-based airline carrier reaps the benefits of the close GDT/Cisco relationship

One (1) of the world’s largest airlines, which was in the process of building a new, state-of-the-art facility and campus, found that the management of thousands of software licenses and tokens to address the new campus would prove unwieldy, time consuming and potentially fraught with issues and oversights. 


As a GDT professional services customer, the client had already experienced what GDT has consistently provided clients for almost 25 years—services and products delivered with a customer-first focus. For the customer, it now meant working with GDT’s SLAM (Software Lifecycle and Adoption Management) Solutions practice, a team of talented and tenured software lifecycle and adoption management professionals who provide strategies and training to customers, so they will get the most out of their software investments.

GDT and Cisco—a time-honored partnership

GDT’s first order of business was to call on their close, long-term partnership with Cisco, which spans over 2 decades. Teams from GDT’s SLAM practice and Cisco sales partnered to ultimately recommend that the customer utilize, at its new campus, forty-eight hundred (4,800) software licenses through Cisco EA (Enterprise Agreement) for WAN. Through a single contract, Cisco EA for WAN customers enjoy a full suite of software that addresses security, connectivity, segmentation, optimization, and more.


In addition, and after further consultation with GDT’s SLAM team, the customer obtained an additional four hundred (400) licenses for Cisco ONE Advantage EA for Wireless, which provides an enhanced suite of wireless-related software that addresses analytics, security, IoT, telemetry, software-defined access, and more.

Adoption workshops and documentation set the stage for future success

Drawing on prior experience, GDT’s SLAM practice professionals knew that on-site workshops and training would be the best way to ensure the customer would fully benefit from their software investment. The training would include information on Cisco’s Smart Software Licensing, a cloud-based management tool that greatly improves how software licensing has historically been handled. Through automation, Cisco Smart Software Licensing enables customers to replace the time-intensive, manual management of product activation keys.


GDT’s SLAM professionals delivered the on-site workshop to a dozen department leads and their engineers, then augmented it with detailed documentation for distribution to additional, key stakeholders. GDT’s workshop trained the customer on how to track software utilization on all licenses, better manage how software is deployed, automatically self-register software and easily move licenses from device to device. The customer now understands how, with a few simple clicks, they can move tedious, manual software licensing to automated processes that free up time and provide better software management and monitoring.


Because they turned to and relied on the GDT and Cisco relationship, the customer now has what many organizations don’t—software solutions that are deployment ready prior to the arrival of hardware.

Taking advantage of the GDT and Cisco partnership

What the GDT and Cisco partnership brought to the table came as no surprise to the customer. Their existing relationship with both companies, especially when they closely partner on a project or initiative, means they’re currently enjoying what thousands of customers have been for almost 25 years—innovative solutions delivered with a customer-first focus.

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