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GDT Provides Audio Company with Solution That’s Music to Their Ears

The top audio company in the United States with a greater reach than any other media company in the country faced a serious security concern. Not only did they have to deal with an emergency cutover to a temporary ISE VM when their deprecated ACS system stopped working, they also had a complete inability to deploy a posturing policy for their environment, as they do not have a standard domain workstation deployment for their employees. Their employees are able to use their personal devices to connect to the network via AnyConnect VPN, which put their environment at risk to any kind of attack from a compromised endpoint. They had absolutely no visibility into the devices accessing their network. Fortunately for this audio company, when GDT heard their call for help, we were all ears.



  • This organization needed guidance to cleanup existing rules migrated from the deprecated ACS system to a temporary ISE VM and help in creating new rules to Cisco Best Practice.
  • They also required deployment of a new ISE environment and configuring VPN Posturing suited for their environment.
  • Perhaps most importantly, they needed to deploy posture policies that would not require SCCM or admin access for end user endpoints. The customer’s firewall needed to be utilized to push the required software to user endpoints that required as little user interaction possible.



This GDT customer ultimately chose to purchase eight Cisco Identity Services Engine 3655 Hardware devices. First, we configured ISE in a distributed deployment, while keeping in mind that additional nodes were going to be deployed at a second site in the future. After deploying the initial four ISE nodes, we then had to plan their posturing policies for their environment. We created posture policies within ISE, deployed the AnyConnect ISE Posture module to user endpoints, and then monitored traffic before requiring minimum OS versions, antimalware, and antivirus. In the background, we had to steadily work at cleaning up old TACACS polices and plan out the new TACACS policies that were consistent with Cisco Best Practices.



As a result of implementing the chosen solution, this GDT customer enjoyed visibility, security, data, and posture enforcement that they simply couldn’t access before. Before this project, the customer had absolutely no idea what was being used on their network, but now they have extensive metrics and data about the endpoints accessing their network. With deployment of posturing policies, the customer was able to gather data about their employee endpoints and ensure that endpoints were running minimum versions of compliance modules, AnyConnect, antimalware, antivirus, and OS versions. In short, our solution significantly enhanced the customer’s network security.






GDT’s advisor-led approach helps solve for the known and unknown security issues your organization is currently facing or will soon have to address. GDT works closely with leaders in IT security, and when their security products and services are combined with GDT’s security experts, customers not only understand their attack surface, but know it’s fully protected. GDT’s security analysts and experts help protect customers’ three key attack surface components, including the network, the applications that run on it, and the employees who use them.


GDT’s solutions engineers and security analysts manage, monitor and protect IT infrastructures of all sizes, including those for some of the most notable enterprises, service providers, healthcare organizations and government agencies in the world.

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