Customer Success Story

DataOne Manufacturing—Simplicity equals a fully-tested, on-time solution deployment

By Richard Arneson

A large, regional wireless service provider with over 5 million customers nationwide called on their long standing relationship with GDT to implement an IP-based video surveillance solution to over two hundred fifty (250) retail locations. Their existing and antiquated analog solution didn’t provide the security needed to protect against break-ins that had recently occurred at several locations. They turned to GDT to provide a video solution that would not only provide greater security, but be far easier to manage.

Project Management once again turns to DataOne Manufacturing to design, test and deliver each solution’s vital component

Based on their vast experience working with customers on similar projects, GDT’s  team knew that the customer’s initial plan, which would require the use of dozens of different Layer One vendors, would greatly add complexity to the deployment. GDT  knew that the customer’s existing solution would result in added time, difficult management, lost or misplaced inventory and, ultimately, a very dissatisfied customer. They knew precisely what was needed—DataOne Manufacturing.

Located less than a half mile from GDT’s Innovation Campus, the 40,000 sq. ft. DataOne Manufacturing production plant is a state-of-the-art facility where over a hundred highly trained professionals manufacture and test customized Layer One (1) assemblies. Their finished products support some of the most notable Service Providers, Enterprise Networks, Government Agencies, and OEMs in the world.

GDT Project Management plus DataOne Manufacturing equals, once again, the perfect solution

DataOne Manufacturing, working closely with Project Management, designed a Layer One roadmap that would perfectly mesh with the customer’s upcoming IP-based camera deployment.

After analyzing the unique requirements for each of the two hundred fifty (250) locations, DataOne Manufacturing, which is comprised of professionals who have earned the most sought after and preeminent certifications in the industry, was able to design a single, customized Cat 6 Ethernet cabling solution that would perfectly accommodate eighty percent (80%) of the locations; the remaining locations required further customization to meet each of its highly unique needs.

After carefully testing all of the two hundred fifty (250) cabling assemblies, each was kitted with its corresponding, and fully staged, hardware. What resulted was a single SKU, a single BOM (Bill of Materials) and a single delivery for each location. As a result, GDT’s field operations team, with technicians nationwide, were able to install and test the solution in a fraction of the time for which the customer had previously budgeted.

As always, the proof is in the results

It’s not an uncommon story—”DataOne Manufacturing provides a solution that expedites deployment, minimizes waste and greatly reduces customers’ headaches.” The customer’s experience marked another of the hundreds of examples that are filed under this storyline.

In this case, the customer enjoyed easier management, from a , tracking and accounting basis. They received a single container that included the entire, tested solution. They only had to manage a single BOM and SKU for each location. And, as a result of DataOne Manufacturing’s continued work with Project Management, the customer enjoyed a solution that experienced zero (0) failures. But, again, it’s not an uncommon story.

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