Customer Success Story


When you’re the largest regional wireless service provider in the country, with tens of thousands of employees, several hundred storefronts, and offer service in half the United States, getting departments to read from the same corporate script is often a challenge. Where one department sees a need, another sees the bane of others—change.

GDT once again picks up the ball after another fumbles

Originally, the customer utilized a 3rd party to manage and monitor its security cameras at each of its retail locations. But, when their needs and service levels weren’t being met, which included frequent outages and inadequate management, they knew a change was required. And, when security needs aren’t met, millions of dollars of inventory are at risk, not to mention an organization’s most precious asset—its employees.


Thankfully, the customer had been utilizing many of GDT’s products and services for years, which made turning to them to manage and monitor their security cameras a logical next step. They took that step, and were happy they did. They turned over the safety of their assets and employees to GDT, which monitored and managed the security camera solution from its state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC), which is manned 24x7x365 with over 150 engineers who maintain the highest certification levels in the IT industry.

Security camera solution provides catalyst for change

Even though the customer’s network team didn’t manage its security camera solution, which was handled by another business unit, they were thankfully aware of what GDT was delivering to their organization. On a Friday night, they were able to experience it. One of their retail locations had gone down, and their current MSP was unable to remediate the issue, and the customer wasn’t confident they could do it prior to their busiest day of the week.


They knew what GDT had provided to their organization, so they decided to throw a Hail Mary pass—they placed a call into GDT’s Managed Services team late Friday night, even though GDT didn’t manage their network, only the security cameras. GDT promptly deployed a member of its field operations team, comprised of over a hundred professionals from coast to coast. They traveled to the retail location and soon diagnosed the issue—a firewall with a port issue. Prior to the store’s early morning opening, GDT had installed and tested the firewall. The store’s connectivity was up and running. The Hail Mary pass had been completed, and at no charge to the customer.

A happy, yet common, ending—a network team gets to work with GDT

It wasn’t long before the customer’s network team got their wish—use GDT to monitor and manage each store’s network, communications and connectivity. A security camera solution has evolved into a comprehensive, customized solution that will be managed by engineers and security analysts who do the same for some of the largest, most notable enterprises, service providers, government agencies and healthcare organizations in the world.

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