Customer Success Story

For this investment firm, the cloud and its legacy architecture are living in perfect harmony

While some claim SD-WAN is sounding the death knell for MPLS, that’s far from accurate. In fact, it can complement legacy MPLS networks quite well. This is exactly what the IT professionals at a leading financial services firm with hundreds of  coast to coast discovered after working with GDT, which they’d relied on to deliver a number of successful IT deployments over the past decade.

In the MPLS world, upgrade is another way of saying higher costs and greater complexity

The client was experiencing tremendous growth, and, as result, constricted bandwidth on its MPLS network couldn’t keep up with demand. Upgrading it would require a large, unbudgeted investment for upgrades in over a hundred locations. And spiraling upgrade costs aside, it meant relying on service providers serving each remote office to handle the upgrades, which meant, at a minimum, provisioning would take 30 days per location. It also would require the management of vendors, contracts and SLAs for each location.

In addition, the client’s small IT staff, which numbered just 5 professionals, would be further stretched to manage the vastly upgraded network. Their limited staff was beginning to feel much smaller.

A better way, a better systems and network integrator

Lower costs, easier installations and simple management. It sounds too good to be true, but once GDT’s experts created a detailed plan on how SD-WAN could perfectly augment the client’s current network, too good to be true couldn’t have been further from the truth. It was true, and not only became a reality, but did so in the client’s tight timeframe.

GDT’s SD-WAN solution meant no offices required changes to their existing hardware, just a new, garden variety, inexpensive circuit from an Internet Service Provider and a small, highly affordable SD-WAN device. At a minimal cost, each branch location was able to secure internet connections in the 100 Mbps range, and could even select its connectivity of choice—xDSL, copper, fiber, cable, even 5G. Once the appliance was plugged in, a single, centralized network management console recognized each appliance and immediately transmitted its required settings and policies. Each branch office was upgraded in a matter of minutes—as in, less than 10.

Now, the customer is able to utilize its MPLS network for certain applications, and transmit select traffic across its new SD-WAN network, which also serves as a backup in the event the MPLS network experiences congestion, latency or goes down.


GDT doesn’t create and deploy any customer solution without security taking center stage. GDT’s SD-WAN solution now enables the client’s small IT staff to save considerable time that they had been spending to distribute, manage and monitor security keys. With GDT’s SD-WAN solutions, all devices and endpoints are authenticated with key-exchange functionality and software-defined security. And end-to-end encryption is provided across their enterprise network and the Internet.


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