Customer Success Story

Company questions why they moved to the cloud in the first place

Reduced costs. Simpler management. Rapid scalability. Greater mobility and disaster recovery (DR) options. These are some of the many reasons organizations no longer ask themselves if they’ll move to the cloud, but when. 

An established portfolio management company with a worldwide presence had already answered that question, but didn’t anticipate this one after it migrated to the cloud—“Was it really worth it?”

It all comes down to selecting the right cloud experts

The client had been working with a small cloud provider—one with which GDT doesn’t partner—for its cloud migration, which primarily consisted of managing and monitoring virtual machines (VMs) that accessed the cloud through VPN tunnels. But, when the tunnels frequently turned into road blocks and the VMs regularly became inaccessible, the solution became anything but. Thankfully, however, the customer’s new CTO had prior experience working with one of the industry’s cloud solutions leaders—GDT.

Assessment brings to light the right public cloud provider

GDT conducted a thorough assessment to uncover how, exactly, the customer’s current solution wasn’t satisfying their needs. Interviews with key stakeholders and an analysis of their current infrastructure and applications, the right solution, and public cloud provider, came to light.

GDT’s Cloud practice maintains strong relationships with leading cloud providers AWS, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Based on their experience working with each, the customer’s infrastructure and its number of end users, GDT determined that utilizing AWS Cloud would provide the perfect solution.

Delivering the customer what they want, when they want it

GDT enabled users to continue using VMs and access the cloud through Amazon WorkSpace, a tool that allows IT administrators to easily grant users access to specific cloud applications, resources or services. And through AWS ENI (Elastic Network Interface), a virtual network interface that attaches to a virtual private cloud (VPC), users were able to access the Active Directory site to either connect to the Internet or needed applications.

Within four (4) weeks, GDT Cloud team had implemented and tested the solution without any downtime or disruptions to end users. Once the migration had been successfully and swiftly completed, GDT conducted training to ensure end users and administrators were comfortable with their new cloud solution—the cloud solution that provided all those benefits the customer had been counting on.

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