Customer Success Story

Broadband Leader Realizes Unlimited Potential of Rate Limiting

A broadband industry leader for student housing needed a solution that could track devices within a client’s property, limit the number of wired and wireless devices, and QoS rate limit the end user’s internet connectivity to the rate purchased. GDT previously solved a similar issue for a multi-unit dwelling, so Cisco knew just who to call to solve this for this customer.



  • With no visibility into who was on their network with what or how many devices, the customer was not able to limit bandwidth to the rates purchased by the end user, which could result in a potential loss of revenue.
  • The customer struggled to determine what equipment was needed and how to design and deploy the solution.
  • The end user device registration process had to be as streamlined as possible, and the solution had to QoS rate limit the end user’s internet connectivity to the rate purchased and to uphold those limits throughout the network.



As a Cisco Gold Partner with five Master Specializations and with experience in implementing a similar solution, GDT was not surprised that Cisco tapped us to aid this customer. In fact, it was this prior experience that pushed the customer to choose GDT over our competitors. We implemented our Cisco TrustSec solution via Identity Services Engine (ISE), an ASR-1K, 4500-series aggregation switches, and a Cisco 5520 controller, along with Professional Security and Wireless Services.


GDT created user IDs for each end user within ISE, tied the user ID to a Security Group Tag (SGT), and referenced the SGT to build network access policies. In ISE, we created a portal for end users to register a maximum of 10 endpoints to be used via the wired or wireless network. Configurations on the network devices and the TrustSec policies in ISE are working to limit bandwidth rates. Since the initial implementation, we have also assisted the customer with several knowledge transfers and provided guidance on how to automate configuration.



As a result of the solution GDT implemented, the customer is now able to QoS rate limit end users’ internet connectivity successfully. The customer now has insight into each user, their limited number of endpoints, and the location of connectivity, which could be leveraged to populate network monitoring dashboards and to enhance marketing to end users. Additionally, this solution has the potential to increase the customer’s revenue as end users seek to upgrade their bandwidth limitations.



Six months



GDT’s advisor-led approach helps solve for the known and unknown security issues your organization is currently facing, or will soon have to address. GDT works closely with leaders in IT security, and when their security products and services are combined with GDT’s security experts, customers not only understand their attack surface, but know it’s fully protected. GDT’s security analysts and experts help protect customers’ three key attack surface components, including the network, the applications that run on it, and the employees who use them.


GDT’s solutions engineers and security analysts manage, monitor and protect IT infrastructures of all sizes, including those for some of the most notable enterprises, service providers, healthcare organizations and government agencies in the world.

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