Customer Success Story

Assessment turns cloud hopes into reality

By Richard Arneson

According to a recent survey of almost a thousand (<1,000) IT professionals, it was discovered that ninety-six percent (96%) of respondents use the . It’s a staggering number, but tempered when compared to the thirty-five percent (35%) that believe the  is falling well short of expectations. And an established, decades-old portfolio management company with clients worldwide found itself part of that thirty-five percent (35%).

When cloud implementations aren’t the result of a carefully constructed migration strategy, enjoying all the cloud offers is little more than wishful thinking. And the client, which was utilizing a 3rd party cloud provider to deliver the benefits they were counting on, soon called on GDT’s Cloud practice. The client wanted to utilize the cloud, but needed GDT’s expertise to help them reap its rewards.

First up: The Assessment

GDT conducted a thorough assessment of the client’s cloud infrastructure by first interviewing key stakeholders to fully understand expectations. They gathered detailed information regarding workloads and applications, including which ones can, or need to be, moved to the cloud. In addition, their interviews helped them compare the client’s original expectations against their current cloud environment. Among other issues, they discovered that the client’s users were experiencing considerable delays, including extended periods of downtime.

It’s about selecting the right Cloud Provider

GDT’s Cloud team is comprised of solutions architects and engineers who are highly experienced, heavily certified in and partner closely with all three (3) primary public cloud providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. That expertise helped them determine which provider’s services would best suit the client’s needs, expectations, applications and workloads. Based on their findings, GDT’s Cloud team designed a solution and migration plan that incorporated AWS, which they determined would be the perfect provider based on the client’s unique needs.

The GDT Cloud experts have consistently and successfully helped enterprises, service providers and government entities realize the cloud results they have always imagined. They hold the highest cloud certifications in the industry and are experienced delivering and optimizing solutions from GDT’s key cloud partners―AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. They can be reached at They’d love to hear from you.

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