Customer Success Story

A utility company reaps the benefits of the cloud…finally

One of Texas’ largest public utility companies had wanted for some time to utilize the Cloud to satisfy two (2) key goals—enjoy shortened speed to market times through faster application development, and to provide their customers with a more enjoyable and user-friendly experience. And they were excited to reap other rewards, as well, including more disaster recovery options, better collaboration between internal teams, automatic security and software updates, better, safer controls over proprietary information and documentation, and, of course, cost savings.

There was one (1) very big problem―they couldn’t find a company that possessed the technical acumen and Cloud experience that had delivered those precise benefits to customers, time and again.

Then they met GDT

After meetings with the customer and conducting interviews with key stakeholders, GDT’s talented, tenured and highly experienced Cloud solutions architects and engineers shared with the customer their proven strategies and methodologies, including the outstanding results they have repeatedly delivered to organizations of all sizes and from a variety of industries. The GDT Cloud practice team has empirical experience and extensive expertise working with the leading Cloud providers—AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

It all starts with an Assessment

As is customary, the GDT Cloud team’s first order of business was to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the customer’s existing architecture, applications and workloads. They created an application dependency map, which listed all applications utilized and all related inter-dependencies. Through meetings with the customer’s key personnel, the GDT Cloud team was able to determine which applications should, shouldn’t or couldn’t migrate to the Cloud.

The GDT team then deployed an ITOA (IT Operational Analytics) tool from key partner RISC Networks for thirty (30) days, which uncovered the customer’s hundreds of IT assets, including all servers, networks and nodes. The inventory report was reviewed with the customer for confirmation and, once validated, provided the GDT Cloud team with key information to assist them in crafting a detailed and comprehensive migration plan.

In addition, the GDT Cloud team conducted an analysis of the customer’s existing IT spend, then provided information concerning all financial impacts of a Cloud migration.

Cloud Readiness Workshop―a comprehensive transfer of knowledge

In conjunction with delivering their migration plan to the customer, GDT’s experts conducted a Cloud Readiness Workshop to ensure all parties involved with, and affected by, the Cloud migration would fully understand all expectations, functions, processes, reporting requirements and key deliverables.

Migration and Implementation Plans that consistently deliver

Based on its holistic approach to delivering successful and impactful Cloud migrations, GDT’s Cloud team developed a comprehensive migration plan and runbook that ultimately met with, and exceeded, the customer’s demands, deadlines and expectations. The customer is now provided with key, vital metrics regarding applications and workloads, governance, security, compliance, and backup and DR (disaster recovery) plans.

And, most of all, they are able to enjoy those two (2) key deliverables they’d imagined and hoped a Cloud migration might one (1) day provide:

  • The ability to meet their speed-to-market KPIs through faster application development, and
  • A far greater experience for their end users, whether an employee or any of its hundreds of thousands of customers.
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