Customer Success Story

A solution is only as good as the personnel who support it

By Richard Arneson

Without the right personnel in place, the best of game plans will fall short of the goals it has been crafted to deliver. Whether on the field or in the office, the right talent with the perfect skills and experience is what separates a plan from its success. And few organizations understand this better than one (1) of the world’s largest manufacturing companies. That’s the very reason it turned, as it has dozens of times, to GDT’s  professionals. Time and again the client had the right playbook in place, but needed GDT’s help to fill key positions to drive solutions across the goal line.

The toughest task often masks itself as the easiest

With almost 1.5 billion users worldwide, the Microsoft Office suite of client and server software is arguably the most ubiquitous professional solution in the world. With that in mind, it stands to reason that finding a skilled, experienced Microsoft Office administrator would present few challenges. But if finding a professional with the needed background, the perfect skills and certifications, and experience working in the manufacturing industry is key, the task of filling that position becomes exponentially more difficult. Now combine that with this fact─the manufacturing sector ranks at the top of the list of industries experiencing labor shortages. Add to that the need to get the right professional placed in a matter of weeks. That seemingly simple task of finding a Microsoft Office administrator takes on far greater weight.

It starts with listening

Before the first candidate was contacted, GDT’s team of staffing professionals conducted thorough interviews with key stakeholders to fully understand the individual needs and expectations of their personnel. And GDT’s team made sure they understood the soft skills that, while overlooked by many, are an important element of their staffing arsenal. As they do for all staffing customers, they understood the need to look beyond the resume and ensure candidates’ professional philosophies and work ethic perfectly mesh not only with the company, but with the department for which they’ll be working. In addition, they ensured time management, organization, adaptability and communications skills would enable them to perfectly “blend in” with their new environment and the corporate culture.

In less than one (1) week, GDT’s Staffing Solutions professionals were able to provide the client with a Microsoft Office administrator to not only augment its IT staff, but to professionally represent it throughout entire corporation, which numbers over a hundred thousand employees.

Next up─the customer is looking to GDT’s Staffing Solutions team to augment and enhance its IT  practice.

─matching the right skills and experience to help deliver customer solutions

GDT’s team of staffing professionals call on twenty-five (25) years of experience delivering IT professionals who help clients achieve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and enjoy an enhanced ability to drive key initiatives. They not only utilize a database of IT professionals unparalleled in the industry, but their extensive network is segmented to quickly match the most specific of client needs with IT professionals who can help optimize and enhance solutions.

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