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“Collection #1” is one of the largest security breaches of all time and includes 773 million unique email accounts and almost 25 million associated passwords.

By Richard Arneson We’ve been hearing it for years—automation, robots, and, more recently, AI will kill jobs and leave people out of work, out of money, tank the economy, etc. And there’s no industry more fearful of automation than manufacturing, that it will mark an end to jobs, especially those

Texas A&M cyber threats

By Richard Arneson Some things just don’t make sense, like why when a baseball hits the foul pole it’s a fair ball. Shouldn’t it be called the fair pole? Or why hot dogs come in packs of ten (10) but the buns in quantities of eight (8). Oh, and how

Cisco HyperFlex

By Mark Haranas from CRNCisco Systems makes no secret of its plans to stake large claims in the cloud and software markets, but its recent moves in the security space have some partners and analysts thinking it is poised to take a big chunk of that space as well. Cisco’s